• Width: 4 meter wide or 2 meter wide roll

  • Yarn: Monofill PE + Curly PP

  • Finish: Matt Yarn 70% and Semi-Gloss 30%

  • Dtex: 11,000 (linear density)

  • Gauge: 3/8″

  • Stitches/M: 160

  • Density: 18,800 (number of stitches per m2)

  • Backing: Triple Backing, ISO 9001 Certified

  • Waterproof: We recommend laying over crushed rock and sand base for good drainage.

  • Colour: 2 colour green monofil + 2 brown curly – Natural Green with Dead Grass Curls (see pictures)

  • Lead Free: Yes, all of our grass is lead free so it is safe for kids and animals.

  • Yarn Weight: 1435.8 Gms/sqm

  • Infill: For best practice, use 2kg/m2 of kiln dried silica white washed sand infill over grass once installed.

  • UV Protection: All our products are anti-UV, they will not change colour! Products meet the ISO EN20105-A02 Textile Standards for UV protection.

  • Other Protection: Anti-rust and anti-mildew.

* all prices are exclusive of GST.

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